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Privacy, as a right under the 4th Amendment, is not about criminal information. Everything in your life is potentially “sensitive” or even “incriminating” depending on the context in which it is discovered. 
We have nothing to hide, and feel proud of our lives.  But we surf the net for various topics, bank, email etc.  One can be assumed guilty by association with someone in their contacts.  Privacy is the vanguard lifeblood of individuality and personhood.  Everything about one’s life should not be accessible unless one chooses to share it, or else be a slave or in some sort of servitude. We take notes, we shop, we work, we read, we study, we masturbate, we love, we hate, we have a medical profile. It is ME. It is YOU. 
Certain people claim that we effectually and necessarily acquiesce our right to privacy when we network, share or otherwise participate in the online marketplace or conduct business online.
Screw the false argument that says, “Well hey don’t use technology.”  It is no longer a choice, really.  We have been effectively pigeon-holed when not embracing of technology.  So no bait-and-switch now that we are all online.  Good luck trying to be an efficient person without becoming competitively disadvantaged – by being an old-Joe with no online presence/cell. 
 Certainly,t we all acquiesce and surrender some information just to even be here commenting, or on the internet at all. But this
NSA/FBI vs. APPLE matter takes it to a whole other level. U.S. LAWS NEED TO EVOLVE TO PROTECT OUR INDIVIDUAL PRIVACY. It’s a right in America. And I’d like to see it stay that way. No more erosion.  Here at BlackSuede.Net we stand with Apple.

Some people act as if personal privacy just doesn’t matter.  In the face of NSA spying, government imposition into phone data records, aggregated civil, criminal and other public records, black market sales of credit card numbers and other personal data hacks, GPS tagging and tracking, and disruptive technologies like facial recognition, some take the position,“Hey if you have nothing to hide, why should you care?” Let’s think about that.

First, how common are data breaches and hacks these days, by bad actors? Even if we wholly trust that the U.S. government is simply trying to protect us from another domestic terrorist attack, do we really trust it with our life footprints? (Target, Home Depot, U.S government employee personnel files, Anthem Blue Cross, UCLA, Sony.)
Second, how is your life always ‘yours’ if someone steals and sells your data on the black market? On the net, all we are is the culmination of data points (name, ssn, dob, place of birth, list of friends and associates, bio-facial recognition file bits, banking information, medical records, purchases and preferences) pointing back to the real you.  Did you know, that your  family members, past addresses, real estate ownership, marriages and divorces, traffic tickets, etc. are accessible with a couple of clicks? Do you only want privacy when you’re having sex?
 In this era of social media, selfies, and downright oversharing, some people think revenge porn is their right, claiming free speech.  We all have a right to privacy. Without privacy, your life is nothing.
Sexting? Online dating anyone?
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Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/307441112042454856/

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