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I’m Black Suede.  BlackSuede.net is my lifestyle website.  BlackSuede Speaks is my blog that delivers original commentary related to erotica, cannabis legalization, sexual freedom, black empowerment and current events.  I share insights gained on my journey towards self-improvement, survival and success.  I advocate for full legalization of cannabis.  This site celebrates sexual intellect and freedom of sexual expression.  This is a safe place to be erotically stimulated and explore sex positive ideas.

BlackSuede’s Black Satin Diaries is a series of erotic stories.  Adult content.

You will find links to Black Suede’s social media pages, featuring erotica, news, inspiration related to art, style, fashion, architecture and design, technology and social consciousness.

Featuring:  Erotica ~ 420 ~ Cannabis ~ Fun products ~ Philosophy ~ History ~ Tech gadgets  ~ Style ~ Creative and contemplative matters.

If you wish to contribute suggestions or get in touch, please use the form below. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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