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Welcome to Black Suede

                                        ♠️ Trash With Class

Black Suede is a mixed-media Performance Artist and Erotic Philosopher.  BlackSuede.net is her blog, about Trash with Class.  Original commentary from unique perspectives with sarcastic humor.  Erotica, sexual freedom, black empowerment , style,cannabis legalization advocacy, peoples liberation, current events, and the quest to survive, thrive, self-improve and succeed.  Insights gained on the journey towards self-improvement, survival and success.  Find interviews and features on interesting people. This is a safe place to be erotically stimulated and explore sex positive ideas.

BlackSuede’s Black Satin Diaries is a series of erotic stories.  Adult content. 18+ONLY

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Featuring:  Erotica ~ 420 ~ Cannabis ~ Fun products ~ Philosophy ~ History ~ Tech gadgets  ~ Style ~ Creative and contemplative matters.

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