Maybe It’s U.

Today we ask: Ever had a hard time letting go? Is the "wrong one" better than no one? You wanted love but settled for lust? You say you like no-makeup and “natural beauty” but you chase weaves with butt injections?  You double-park good candidates in the friend zone?...

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Afro Revolution.

Kinks. Koils. Kurls. Kornrowed koiffs.  Twists, braids laid or locks.  Weaves, wefts and waves. Ponytails with pins, naps and nubs. Stretch-straightened, flat-ironed flipped.  Uptight relaxed.  Blonde, brown, black, blue.  Highlights, henna.  Blow-dried, fried or...

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Online Dating.

Today we ask: Has online dating ruined dating in traditional dating scenes? Does it assist finding your soulmate, or does it make us treat people like we are shopping for a pair of shoes? Eh.. He has buckles but I want lace-ups. She's pretty but, eh wrong size. Indeed...

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