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BlackSuede’s Black Satin Diaries™


A Series of Erotic Short Stories ~

  • The Diary of Black Satin
  • Queen of Clubs
  • Master Jacks

Adult content.

Flirting with the forbidden. Shameless reveling in the risqué. Black Love and Lust.  Interracial. Straight Bi-Sexy Women. #420.

~An odyssey into the taboo worlds of Strippers and Superheroes, Nymphs and Nefarious Men.


Darla Dollar.

Darla was a lovely barfly at only the classiest of international joints. Only the wealthiest and most powerful men were considered eligible.  Although she had caviar taste, at the end of the day she was just an expensive whore.  If he had a limo and driver, a perfect...

Sugar Shek

Shek was charming, handsome, eccentric royalty, with a huge cock - and a net worth of $900 million dollars.  He was a decent man considering he was born, always lived, and would die with a 24k gold, diamond-encrusted spoon in his mouth. Shek descended from nobility...

Black Satin Diaries™ ~ The Dangers.

Owen and Chris Danger were kingpens of an organized crime ring.  They'd been married to the game, and each other for 7 years.  Still in love, they were both drop-dead gorgeous, rich and homicidal if crossed. The Dangers always celebrated a big score with hot sex....

Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Prude Whore?

Black Satin considered herself a very sexual woman.  To her, this meant being an ambassador for those who lived indulgently free of shame, and those who simply loved erotic experiences.  She understood the old adage: “Different strokes for different folks.”  She...

Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Fine Men.

Notwithstanding the love of God, nothing, absolutely nothing, brought Black Satin to her knees faster than a man with a beautiful body.  Sure, she was hard to handle in bed, financially independent, and femme-dom with pretty women. However, her submissive side, and...

Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Donka Dilemma

Black Satin had always considered herself a fit and “tit” woman. Cleavage, nipples, and boob jiggle on a fit or otherwise healthy female always turned her on. Of course, she embodied all of that herself, attracting her share of men with a fit physique and nice rack....

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