BlackSuede’s Black Satin Diaries™


A Series of Erotic Short Stories ~

  • The Diary of Black Satin
  • Queen of Clubs
  • Master Jacks

Adult content.

Flirting with the forbidden. Shameless reveling in the risqué. Black Love and Lust.  Interracial. Straight Bi-Sexy Women. #420.

~An odyssey into the taboo worlds of Strippers and Superheroes, Nymphs and Nefarious Men.


Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Fine Men.

Notwithstanding the love of God, nothing, absolutely nothing, brought Black Satin to her knees faster than a man with a beautiful body.  Sure, she was hard to handle in bed, financially independent, and femme-dom with pretty women. However, her submissive side, and...

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