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Loved these tits kissed. Opening layers, coming unraveled.  Respectfully kind glove handling and friendship too?  Is it safe to from this shell emerge?  Or no, because can’t handle THIS, or it wasn’t all THAT.  Rip out, disregard, break, or stomp with hard boots, just know:  This heart keeps pumping humanitarian love, yes for others.  A bloody zest for life will course on through these veins ’til death.  Eh?…been hurt before.  Still here strong and positive.  So, love this soul or not, not bitter.  Staying heart-wide-open to love and life.  You might’ve entered the queendom.  All kittens, butterflies, rainbows and unicorns, or daggers.  Come passion or disappointment.  Bring it.

©2016 BlackSuede.

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