Chews Wisely

How’s the gym? Refrigerator-door bicep curls do NOT count as a workout.  Compulsively opening the fridge — even with five 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew, a six pack of Bud, a jar of leftover gravy, mustard and ketchup condiments weighing down the refrigerator door — is not exactly “lifting weights.”  Every time you open it to check for a snack to magically appear since your last lap, no that’s not a rep or a set.  Hand fork or spoon-to-mouth lifts?  Still NO, even if you flex your pinky finger.  Multiple trips “running” back and forth to the stove to stir the nacho cheese between commercials do NOT cumulatively add up to laps run around the track or field.  Just turn your Apple Watch or FitBit off while making nachos.  Even if your facial jawline muscles are toned as as hell? Just know:  Chewing is ..kinda not exercise.

Having said that, do you recommend Apple Watch or Fitbit?

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