Coming 2 America ~ Movie Review

Lots of delightful cameo appearances by the 80’s original cast 🎥 ❤️👌🏾.  In this movie sequel, Eddie’s personal best moments are as his trademark in-costume-makeup multi alternate characters.  Arsenio is funny in the barbershop scenes but brings nothing particularly outstanding in his reprisals. Shari Headley is still lovely as ever.  BUT Wesley Snipes and Tracey Morgan held this movie down!  👈🏾Except for their standout improvisations, dialogue throughout the film leaves something to be desired at several points.  Aside from that, there is a weak reliance on quips of neo-colloquialism to connect with a Generation Z audience. I like Leslie Jones (usually funnier) but did they hand her a mediocre script? Aside from a few good ones, at times she seems to be trying too hard, not hard enough, slightly out of her league, starstruck by fellow cast, or not in her comfort zone. Likewise, Jermaine Fowler as Lavelle’s character portrayal was adequate and cute but could have been much stronger!  I expected way more belly 😂 laughs from this star ⭐️ studded cast.  Missed opportunities for a slightly more interesting or clever ending.  I appreciated the nod to evolving gender issues.  💯 Worth watching if only for the DOPE costumes, Wesley’s cornrow wigs, and for nostalgic purposes.  A must-see for ride-or-die Eddy Murphy fans. Zamunda knows how to party 🎉. ♠️

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