Facebook, Kiss my azz.

Never mind the fact that the insurrection and attempted overthrow of American democracy on January 6, 2021 was partially organized and administratively executed on its platform. However, I am a member of and recently censored for 3 days from the entire platform, due to a private Facebook group piece relating to my response to the article lawofficer.com/michael-byrd/ posted to the group by a fellow member. My exact comment on that article purportedly went against “community standards.” All I said was:

“I don’t care whether she was armed or allegedly not armed. She was participating on the front line of a VIOLENT attack on Our House of government. If someone is climbing through the window of your own home, you have a right to shoot her azz.”

Whether you agree with my comment or not, do you believe that I violated “community standards” in this response? When was the last time you actually reviewed Facebook “Community Standards” to which you too are subject if you have an active account? Ashli’s family is upset, and trying their rounds in civil litigation, claiming that she was unarmed and unjustly killed — as if she were Trayvon Martin walking down the street eating a bag of Skittles, when she was literally invading Our House. I am fresh off of a several week voluntary break from social media anyway. THIS is the type of bullsh*t I did not miss, and will not miss for my 3 day punishment. PHUCK YOU FACEBOOK. YOU CAN’T SILENCE ME HERE. YOUR PLATFORM isn’t generating any coinage$ whatsoever that I’d miss if I drop you and completely disengage from your flawed, manipulative, whistleblown, hate- full conspiracist-enabling virtual yet all too real world. Personally, I felt happy when your site crashed or was intentionally taken down last week.

All kinds of folks are out here saying whatever like keyboard ninjas all day every day, but sure—selectively ban me for 3 days. Ok.

“Community standards” are all of a sudden refreshed and super enforced after you made and continue to make ad revenue from fake news and insurrection-planning. Kiss my entire black azz – the middle AND both cheeks (which should smell a little like lavender from my favorite salt scrub..I’ll post a product review on that as it is amazing 🤩).

But yeah anyway, Facebook YOU are very much a part of the problem. To whom much power is given, doth stolen or bought, much is expected.

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  1. Im on their fbi list, Theh are full on FCists, I am doing another 30 day restriction for posting a gif of a firepit to a comment whdn someone was selling a 45 hat 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Post

      Red: See that’s what I’m saying. They allowed a riot to be planned on the platform now they want to get petty with average users. You’re welcome to rant here anytime they put you on restriction.