Fair Derrière

I can love any reciprocally loving good man.  Fellas who enjoy lovely women, I feel you.  I like women too.  But some guys are out here with receding hairlines, beer guts, sagging butts and soft chests, thinking it’s OK to judge or shame female bodies.  Her boobs, her thighs, her azz etc.  BE FAIR please.  I’m a sapiosexual, meaning that I’m turned on by one’s intellect more than one’s abs and pecs.  I’m not all caught up on looks, however a lot of guys I’ve known have seemed to be.  Hey.. get your own manbutt done and then I’ll do mine.  I can call a surgeon next week for an appointment if you do the same.  Shall we all get our butts done? Otherwise, let’s agree we’re all ok as we journey on our personal paths to improvement.

Image: Odalisque. Francois Bouche Date: c.1749

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