Maybe It’s U

Ever had a hard time letting go?  Is the “wrong one” better than no one?  You wanted love but settled for lust again?   Received 8 inches – when you felt you deserved a mile?  

Some profess a preference for “natural body and beauty” while choosing standard model trophies.  Have you inadvertently double-parked good candidates in the friend zone?  Missed the right one in pursuit of *that* one?

Some choose bedroom skills or net money as they profess to a desire to settle down.  Is it always “their” fault when things go awry?  Ever notice repeated, self-perpetuated outcomes and manifested prophecies?  

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  If the cycle repeats, maybe its time for some self-reflection.  Perhaps YOU could be your problem.  

If it IS you, at least the power to change the situation is actually in your own hands.  In fact, even when it is “not you,” the power to make different choices remains yours.  It’s still kinda’ on you a little.

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