Naughty Stash Box

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Naughty Stash Box.  Memorialize vintage pinup models. Hand decorated. Upcycled wooden cigar box.

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ADULTS ONLY. Naughty Stash Box. Enjoy vintage pinup figures. Stash keepsakes and valuables in a lovely commemorative box.  Embellished with sourced/ recycled items in collage, with shiny resin finish. Mixed media.  Hand-decorated. Handcrafted design variations. Styles vary!  No two exactly are alike.  

Product information:  Upcycled wooden cigar box, flash cards, broken jewelry, board game pieces and random fancy junk.  Resin finish.

BlackSuede hand-decorated stash boxes are the perfect gift when you’re looking for something special, unique and simple.  Give as a birthday gift or collect a few for yourself!  
Trash With Class.


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