Stash Box & Candle Set ~ Custom Order

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BlackSuede Stash Box & Candle Set. Hand decorated. Upcycled wooden cigar box. Pillar candle


Custom Order. Stash Box and candle set. Honoring  figures, friends and icons of your choice. After ordering, send up to 6 photos of your choice, or name your icon and BlackSuede will choose images. Stash keepsakes and valuables in a lovely commemorative box.  Embellished with sourced and recycled items in collage, with shiny resin finish. Decorative re-fillable glass pillar candle. Mixed media.  Hand-decorated. Handcrafted design variations. Styles vary!  No two exactly are alike.

Product information:  Upcycled wooden cigar box, flash cards, broken jewelry, board game pieces and random fancy junk.  Resin finish.

BlackSuede hand-decorated stash boxes and candles are perfect gifts when you’re looking for something special, unique and simple.  Give as a birthday gift or collect a few for yourself!  


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1 review for Stash Box & Candle Set ~ Custom Order

  1. Red (verified owner)

    I had this custom piece made for a friend, it came out beautifully, and my friend was beyond ecstatic and totally amazed !

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