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Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Donka Dilemma

Black Satin Diaries™ ~ Donka Dilemma

Black Satin had always considered herself a fit and “tit” woman. Cleavage, nipples, and boob jiggle on a fit or otherwise healthy female always turned her on. Of course, she embodied all of that herself, attracting her share of men with a fit physique and nice rack.  She understood why men loved tits, because well, she loved tits too.  Moreover, Black Satin was the type of woman who wanted to slurp on a juicy pair, just like the next person.  When she saw another sexy woman, she usually didn’t know if she wanted to slap her out of envy or get her number.  Then came twerking in this new ass era. Butt, ass, glutes, junk, donka.  Black Satin knew she needed to step her squat game way up at the gym.  Despite her board-certified surgeon breast enhancement, she had no plans on getting her butt done. The shit was just too new and getting slightly out of hand.  She’d heard about otherwise smart girls throwing caution to the wind, and having their hind quarters pumped by quacks, sometimes with devastating consequences. To them she thought, “Squats you lazy greedy bitches. Hit the gym and do the work. Don’t die for a quick investment return, attention and dick.” As far as Black Satin was concerned, some babes needed to look to Melyssa Ford for God-given natural workout-enhanced inspiration. True, big round juicy ass selfies made her hot. But girls desperate and literally dying for attention were a turn-off if she thought about it too hard…so she didn’t think about it too hard. She guessed that the average butt-obsessed man didn’t think about it much either, especially with hard-on in-hand. Some men even jerk to grotesque obesity if that’s what it takes to enlarge the ass.  Basically to her, what looked good on the net wasn’t always what felt good in bed.  She preferred a real ass no matter the size. Like a guy when it came to her appreciation for the beauty of women, she shuddered at the idea of kissing back-alley blackmarket silicone juice.

©2015 BlackSuede. Model: Melyssa Ford.


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July 20, 2015

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