Rush to Nowhere


1.) That person behind you who honks as you wait to make a right turn. MF can’t you SEE that there is a pedestrian crossing and I’m not able to turn yet unless I run them over?

2.) Lanesplitting motorcycle jerk squeezing through cars, seriously about to clip my driver side mirror;

3.) Oh, they’re turning left? How about a signal BEFORE I get stuck behind you. What am I psychic?  I am actually psychic, but not in traffic.  Let a person know your plans earlier;

4.) That person who honks the INSTANT the light turns green.  Well ok, sorry I didn’t slam the accelerator in anticipataion the split second the opposite traffic light turned yellow.

5.) Tailgaters. Nothing to add here. But if you want to ride my azz, at least buy me dinner.

6.) Sloooowwww azz cyclists hogging the entire lane, not even trying to veer right a bit so cars can, you know, share the road…and yes I ride a bike sometimes but I’m alert.

Did I miss any?  

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