Sexy Revolutionary ♠️ Colin Kaepernick

Biracial, adopted by middle class white parents. Skilled at baseball, refusing offers to go pro in his youth because he was determined to play professional football. Kaepernick started out complying and conforming, respectfully appeasing others. He experienced micro-aggressions by people who didn’t believe he belonged, some who mistreated him until they saw him with his white parents. That time he had to take out his cornrows or get kicked off the baseball team… All very fine people, really. Ultimately, a series of epic events combined with athletic skill and determination culminated into an icon of social justice.

“Growing up with white parents, I moved through life with their audacity of whiteness. I assumed their privilege was mine. I was in for a rude awakening.” 

Naturally, kneeling during the national anthem on the field during an NFL game in peaceful protest against police brutality— good looks, and the trademark Afro landed Kap on BlackSuede’s Sexy Revolutionary list.

Check out Colin in Black & White just released on Netflix. It’s a pleasant reenactment of his life with intermittent narrative by the man himself. Created and directed by Ava DuVarnay.

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