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Owen and Chris Danger were kingpens of an organized crime ring.  They’d been married to the game, and each other for 7 years.  Still in love, they were both drop-dead gorgeous, rich and homicidal if crossed. The Dangers always celebrated a big score with hot sex.  Owen flipped through the thousands of hundred dollar bills, counting their latest spoils as Chris intently watched.  Her body was as hot as the first day he laid eyes on her. They met in the lobby of the Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse back when he beat a firearm possession charge. He loved her with all his heart.  And she was only one of 5 things he loved at all.  Owen loved Chris, money, danger, power, and his younger brother Oscar, who was also in the game.  Chris was becoming so aroused that Owen could feel her heat…detecting a lovely, familiar eau de pussy rose and expensive silk lingerie.  The smell of dirty cash, the sound of crispy bills wisp-ing, the cold feeling of metal as she caressed a semi-automatic rifle were all about to make his wife pounce on his Armani crotch.  Looked like $20 million from the latest job.  His cock was raging hard looking at his woman and his money.  This time, Owen know he was about to get the ride of his life.

©2016 BlackSuede.

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