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Weed, pot, reefer, ganja, cannabis or whatever you call it, is here to stay.  Now more than ever, we realize that a toke or a dab of herb is a lovely way to unwind.  Without it, we might drink too much, take prescription drugs, or just slap the shit out of someone.

Many people are still struggling with the idea of legalized marijuana.  For decades and generations, Americans were convinced by propaganda campaigns by the U.S. Government and so-called moral interest groups. Americans became accustomed to the myth of marijuana as a powerful and dangerous drug — one that could lead to deaths and criminal behavior allowed in their communities.  However, beneath its mystique, Americans have come to recognize that cannabis is indeed powerful – but in a way that undermines the lies perpetuated about any dangers.  Events during the past decade have certainly opened a lot of people’s eyes to the facts.  We are witnessing a revolution in public perception.  Cumulative little legal victories have enabled medical marijuana communities in several states to demonstrate irrefutably how cannabis – administered in various forms – can relieve symptoms of, and in fact heal chronic illnesses and common ailments.  What has also become evident is the degree to which alcohol is medically and socially far more dangerous in comparison.  Furthermore, underground aficionados of marijuana know first-hand, that their own uses have not been harmful in the ways previously mythologized.  Otherwise, innocent they are tired of feeling like criminals and want to come out of the shadows.  America has witnessed the failure of criminalizing a common plant.  These factors have led to a dramatic shift in public opinion regarding marijuana legalization.  Everything in moderation, yes.  Protect children from illicit or accidental intake, by all means.  So may the myths continue to erode, may antiquated unnecessary laws be repealed, and may more states join the ranks of Colorado and Washington.  California are you next?  Let there be weed. Let the people be.  ©2016 Black Suede.

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Image Source: http://pin.it/tibE546 and http://pin.it/w7kY-3k

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