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BlackSuede Candles Now Available!

BlackSuede hand-decorated glass candles are the perfect gift when you’re looking for something special and unique yet simple.  Give as a Birthday candle or collect a few for yourself!  Enjoy fan art and meditate in style. $25 Buy now from BlackSuede Store on Etsy....

Darla Dollar.

Darla was a lovely barfly at only the classiest of international joints. Only the wealthiest and most powerful men were considered eligible.  Although she had caviar taste, at the end of the day she was just an expensive whore.  If he had a limo and driver, a perfect...

Sugar Shek

Shek was charming, handsome, eccentric royalty, with a huge cock - and a net worth of $900 million dollars.  He was a decent man considering he was born, always lived, and would die with a 24k gold, diamond-encrusted spoon in his mouth. Shek descended from nobility...

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