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They Knew!

by Black Suede | March 10, 2021| 420
“In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is...

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Coming 2 America ~ Movie Review

by Black Suede | March 9, 2021| Reviews
Lots of delightful cameo appearances by the 80’s original cast 🎥 ❤️👌🏾.  In this movie sequel, Eddie’s personal best moments are as his trademark in-costume-makeup multi alternate characters.  Arsenio is funny in the barbershop...

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by Black Suede | March 8, 2021| DailyDic ~ Word of the Day
Verb (used with object); en·sconsd. To settle securely or snugly; to cover or shelter; hide securely. Used in a sentence: “Eric was ensconced in lies about his fake accounts and financial...

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Mysticism of The Universe

by Black Suede | March 4, 2021| Other Stuff
I’m willing to agnostically explore spirituality and existential possibilities, endeavoring to know. Creationism versus evolution, heaven, hell, pergatory, reincarnation, and everything in between. It’s also fundamentally important to know that...

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Astrology Chart and Report

by Black Suede | February 16, 2021| Zodiac 12
Natal chart wheel and interpretive report. Order from ♠️ BlackSuede Shop. Requires birth date, birth time and city of birth. We prepare and deliver to you via email in 1-3...

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Fair Derrière

by Black Suede | February 14, 2021| Other Stuff
I can love any reciprocally loving good man.  Fellas who enjoy lovely women, I feel you.  I like women too.  But some guys are out here with receding hairlines, beer guts, sagging butts...

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